Commissioned Art Work: 125.00 for an 8x10 unframed portrait of a single animal. See Pet portraits for more info. 

Reflexology: 30.00 half hour/60.00 hour per session.  See reflexology page for more information. 

Shamanic Healing: 80.00 for session that lasts 60-90 minutes. Can also be done on the phone. 
Shamanic healing can help clear energetic blocks, spiritual illness, past lives, or retrieve parts of the soul/spirit that have been dissociated or dislodged due to trauma. A shamanic practitioner is trained to recognize that all illnesses have a spiritual component and that everything is connected–the spiritual, emotional, physical and mental. Therefore, if one of these systems is out of balance the disharmony can be felt within the entire energetic field or web. The goal of a healing is to create balance within this web and create harmony where the spirit is suffering.  As a shamanic practitioner, I am able to step into the spirit world, locate the cause of the disconnection from Spirit, and facilitate healing from the spirit world.


To remove energies or entities from a location such as a home or business. I have found that this work is best done remotely for a few reasons: I’m able to be neutral as my guides show me and cleanse the space, it’s safer and I’m less likely to be affected by the energy or entities in the space, and  I’m able to charge less as I don’t have to add the cost of traveling into the service. When someone would like this service done, I prefer very little information – just who is living/working in the space, and when the activity started. If the activity has been present since you moved in, then just the move in date will suffice. 

If, however, you have been experiencing activity in multiple places, no matter where you live, I encourage you to book a shamanic healing session instead. 

PET JOURNEY – 40.00 to 50.00 (Depending on the number of animals)

I can journey to get information about your pet or also to do healing work, and remove excess energy or attachments if need be. I will need photos of the animal(s) and I will email you a written description after the journey is done.