Reflexology is an art and a science. A Reflexologist works reflex points on the feet, hands, and ears to create an electro-chemical flow that communicates with the entire nervous system. The reflex points correspond to a specific organ, gland, or body part. Thumb and finger techniques are used with pressure to connect with the peripheral nervous system to help the body relax. 

Reflexology promotes healing by stimulating the reflexes in the feet to elicit a response in the body and restore balance. It encourages circulation to relieve pain, bolster the immune system and increase well being. It can improve congestion, digestion, sleep, energy, and lessen anxiety, hot flashes, pain, and more..

Reflexology is not massage, although it does feel really wonderful! Massage is working on soft tissue, reflexology is working on nerve pathways. The sensory nerves then communicate to the brain, the motor nerves in turn communicate to the body, which allows the body to release chemicals to promote healing. 

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