Spiritual Intuitive and Medium

Common Questions about Readings

How do readings work?

First I always ask that any messages that come through are for you and YOU alone. This avoids any interference with other spirits who may want to 'join the party'. I'll tune into your energy, and communicate with my guides to bring me the person that wants to come through first. I always ask that my clients remember that I can't guarantee that we will communicate with a specific person, and sometimes we find that someone the client didn't expect will come through first, making a gateway for the next person. I typically communicate with 2-3 people per reading, and I can also do spirit guide readings.

What should I do to prepare for a reading?

I recommend prior to the reading, that my clients focus on the 1 or 2 people they would like to hear from the most. Invite them to the reading! I also suggest that my clients take the time to write down any questions they would like answers to. Your loved ones on the other side are still very involved in your lives, even if they have been gone for years. They love to answer questions about anything you are concerned about!

Does a reading ever not work?

It's rare, but occasionally, I'm not able to connect. Usually I'm able to identify why, but if this happens, I don't charge my clients and we reschedule for another time.